Don’t Forget to Pack Suncream…

I’ve just got back from my holiday to Mallorca and it was wonderful. But with the temperature reaching the mid-30s and the UV rating Very High, protecting my skin was a top priority. While I do try to tan, my pale skin is not always cooperative (!) so making sure I don’t burn is the main thing.

This year for the first time I’ve used Piz Buin suncream. Usually I’ve always gone with one of the old favourites, like Garnier Ambre Solair or Nivea, but I recently read an article about the grades of protection in suncream and I wanted to make sure I bought a product that was giving me the best protection.

The SPF is the most important factor when choosing suncream and I usually have a bottle of factor 30 for sensitive areas such as my face and places which tend to be exposed more, such as my shoulders, and then I get a bottle of factor 15 for everywhere else. The SPF will protect you from UVB rays, which as I understand it, are the rays which cause burning and can increase your risk of skin cancer.

The second thing to consider is the star rating, which until recently I was completely unaware of. I chose the Piz Buin suncream because it has a superior rating (4 out of a possible 5 stars). The star rating shows how effective the suncream is at protecting you from UVA rays, which can also cause damage to your skin. UVA rays penetrate deeper into your skin and can be responsible for premature ageing. Therefore you want to use a suncream that protects from both.

The best thing about this suncream is that it didn’t cause any adverse reaction for my skin. Unfortunately I’ve had bad experiences with Boots Soltan and Hawaiian suncreams in the past, where they have caused a very itchy and red rash, so I tend to be cautious with using a new brand for the first time. No such problem for Piz Buin! I also found it to be quite moisturising, leaving my skin nice and soft, with a noticeable difference in certain areas, such as my upper arms, where my skin can sometimes feel bumpy and dry.

I also love the smell of Piz Buin! It definitely smells better than other suncreams I’ve used previously and it makes it feel like you’re using a more luxurious product rather than just one that is a necessity. Overall I think it is a really good product and I will definitely use the brand again.


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