REVIEW: Clinique Superprimer

I bought the Clinique Superprimer (£22) about 3 months ago and I have been really pleased with it. I have it in the universal shade which is designed for all skin types but it does also come in three other shades: one to correct redness, one to correct discolouration and pigmentation and the other to correct dullness in darker skin tones. This is actually the first ever primer I’ve bought so I was a little unsure if it would work, but after using it for a while now, I have not been disappointed.

I like the packaging. The box is pretty yet sophisticated and it’s very classic Clinique – simple and minimalist, which reflects the ‘no fuss’ approach to this product. It is 100% fragrance free like many of their products, which is great for sensitive skin.

It glides on the skin beautifully and seems to absorb well – it doesn’t feel tacky at all and my face genuinely feels much smoother to the touch. It does have a slight silicone feel, which I know a lot of people don’t like, however this isn’t an issue for me at all with this primer because I feel it works so well.

I like to wait a few minutes after putting my moisturiser on before applying the product. The reason for this is that because I use quite a rich, creamy moisturiser for my dry skin, I think that the effects of the primer are reduced if it mixes too much with my moisturiser. However I think for someone using a light moisturiser this wouldn’t be an problem.

You don’t need to use very much – I tend to use a pea sized amount with each application – so it lasts really well. As I said, I’ve had this product for 3 months already and it still feels at least half full so although the tube is quite small, I think it’s reasonable value for money.

This primer really helps to improve the application of my foundation. My foundation definitely goes on more smoothly with this primer as a base, particularly in the areas around my nose and under my eyes. It prevents an creasing and improves the overall tone. I haven’t noticed that the primer particularly improves the staying power of my foundation but equally, I don’t have too much of a problem with this usually so this isn’t a major concern for me.

The number one thing that I was looking for in a primer was to improve the smoothness of my foundation and concealer and this product definitely delivers. I would be open to trying a few different ones to see how this one compares, especially as I’m very new to using a primer, but overall I think this is a great product and I would buy again.


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