Summer Nails

I only moved to London a few months ago and I couldn’t bring all my stuff straight away so a lot of my non-essentials, e.g nail varnish, were left behind. I did bring a few colours with me – a couple of my current favourites from Topshop: Rainy Day (grey), Pendragon (bottle green) and Moonshine (metallic) – but none of these felt summery enough or looked particularly good on my toes!


I decided to try a nail varnish from OPI. I’ve always quite fancied trying this brand and because I just wanted one colour to last me the through the summer, I thought I would treat myself.
The colour I chose is called Shorts Story (£12) which is actually a bit of weird name and certainly didn’t attract me to buying it – I only noticed the name afterwards – although I guess it is kind of apt because I’ve definitely been wearing shorts and sandals a lot so far!


The colour can best be described as Barbie pink and I’m really pleased with it! I actually had in mind a more berry pink shade but now that I have this one, I love how vibrant it is as it instantly makes me feel in a summer, holiday mood.

The colour looks exactly like it does in the bottle which is good because often nail varnish dries a slightly different shade to what you expect. It also paints on really nicely, although I think I would have preferred a wider brush as I find this makes it easier to get even coverage. I’ve also been very pleased with how long it lasts without chipping. I’ve had it on my toes for almost 2 weeks now and it looks pretty much as good as when I first did them! I do think this is the main thing that you get from a high quality nail varnish that you just don’t get from cheaper versions. I love the Topshop colours I have and they last pretty well but certainly not as long as this one.

I prefer this colour on my toes as I usually like something that feels a little bit more grown-up for my hands, but I wore some peep toe wedges the other day and my toes now have some rather unsightly blisters so here’s a photo of the colour on my hands instead!